windows to the sky

Imagine stumbling across this place in your apartment search? Imagine how the view looks at night? At sunset? On snow days? In the rain? Shall I go on? (via apartment diet)

The romantic in me says: move all that furniture out and have just a beautiful bed in there!

But then I see the rest of the place… gasp!
(click image to see this beauty enlarged!)

(via black.white.yellow)


3 Comments to “windows to the sky”

  1. This place is stunning, I love large windows with character.

  2. That’s so beautiful!! I’m apartment hunting RIGHT NOW– no way I’ll find something like that. But ahhhhhhh!!!!

    I’m finishing a master’s in Social Work, to answer your question (I’ve intentionally kept that info off my blog, for some reason– guess I feel weird mixing work and play — but don’t mind people knowing!)

  3. what, ridiculous! okay plain jealous someone gets to live like that.

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