the little things in life…

How’s everyone’s weekend going? I’m proud to say that mine is going unusually productively. Took a long 10am walk with the dog then subwayed over to Whole Foods for a fun grocery shop. I’ve decided to pick up at least one new item each time I food shop now so to encourage new cooking and eating habits… my meals pretty much consist of beans and rice and pasta. Eh.. I had a yummy noon snack though. Ignore the pathetic looking slices of gouda and smeared jam job, it tasted amazing:

Then I bought a new toilet seat and switched out the ugly old squooshy one (very glamorous I know but I never thought I could love a new toilet seat so much!), upgraded the shower curtain AND rubbed tung oil on our walnut coffee table so that it looks brand spankin new! woohoo! I’ll spare you the toilet seat but here’s a peek at my beaming coffee table:

And here’s what dinner’s starting to look like:

Happy weekend!


3 Comments to “the little things in life…”

  1. I’ve seen this combination of jam eaten with cheese but I’ve never tried it, I think I just might since I have both of that in the fridge. Also, artichokes, yeahhh!

  2. Oooh, I love artichokes, but why do they have to be so complicated to eat?!

  3. It takes really small detais to make a big change at home and at our minds! Inspiring!

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