empty space

Our bedroom is still quite stark and I keep thinking that once we find a place to buy, I’ll invest in making it super sweet and cozy. One place that feels very empty right now though and needs a somewhat immediate fix is the space above our bed. Looking for some quick, creative ideas… is there anything you’ve done or seen somewhere that you think would work?

Like this Polaroid art idea via what’s up whimsy?

I wouldn’t go this dramatic but the idea of putting fabric behind the bed could maybe work. Via full house


2 Comments to “empty space”

  1. I love the Polaroid art idea

  2. Oh man, go dramatic! When has dramatic ever done me wrong? Never. Yeah, I vote for fabric. Didn’t moseyman bring back something cool from the Middle East? Isn’t that kinda his job going on long trips– to bring back cool stuff?

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