happy new year!

Hello! The new year is here and I think we can all be happy about a fresh and fabulous start. I’ve been milking the Florida vaca at the parents by eating well, sleeping well and being crazy lazy. Today I started to work again though, and come Thursday I’ll be back at the NYC office.

I’m not even dreading (dread is not allowed this year) going back to regular Brooklyn life because there are wonderful things to look forward to (image above is the HGTV Dream Home I plan on winning in February)! What are your dreams this year?

A few more lovely finds from around the web:

There’s no such thing as too many striped shirts.

A butterfly print dress has never looked this appealing.

Some cute and very affordable booties.

A necklace for the constant traveler.

This could become popular for spring? Would you rock it?

A rocking horse to fall asleep on.


2 Comments to “happy new year!”

  1. Those booties are perfect, exactly what I’ve been wanting. But the trucker vest?!?!? No, absolutely not, never ever ever! I come from a town where people still wear those in good faith, and they will not and never can be stylish, even though that model does look adorable and like Zoey Deschanel.

  2. That is just crazy about the DMV, I swear we are cosmically connected. my picture turned out soooo weird but my signature is “cute” according to my boss who thinks it looks like I could have my own line of cake mixes (whatever that means!).

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