my paris ensemble

Hello! Hope your week went well! We’re back from our amazing adventures in Paris. I’m so sad to say that I actually forgot to pack my camera! Insane, I know. While I won’t have any authentic pics to share with you all, I’ll do my very best to share my side of Paris with you. That said, our travel discoveries and frequent moves have recently influenced me to create a little city guide section on my blog. I’ll start with Paris and work my way back. Expect that and a few others such as Brooklyn, New York and Tel Aviv, Israel in the next few days…

My go-to outfit for the entire Paris trip was a little something that goes like this:

(loose black skirt, swiss dot tights, black booties, tucked in collared button down, green surplus jacket, black satchel)


2 Comments to “my paris ensemble”

  1. How exciting! Good choices on the wardrobe! I bet you had all the Parisians thinking you were one of them! xoxo

    P.S. You should do a city guide to Chicago! Have you ever visited?

    • Hmm… I haven’t been to Chicago so I wouldn’t be able to cover it, but you’re welcome to guest post a Chicago city guide here!

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