paris prep gone wrong?

I rinsed a temporary dye through my hair tonight, trying to get all pretty for my Paris trip. But after I rinsed, conditioned, towel wrapped and released, I found a head of very orange looking hair.  YEEPS!  I called my sister, who has had every existing hair color ever made, and gave her my freak out. She immediately told me the 3 day rule: wait 3 days, if it still looks bad, fix it. Luckily I don’t have to wait that long because after I dried it, the color seemed to fade into decency. Not too orange, just a major tint of it. And after waiting only 3 hours, I quite like it. And on a slightly different note (although it could solve any hair problem), I like this hat:


3 Responses to “paris prep gone wrong?”

  1. Hahaaa, I know that feeling! but I’ve still got my orange hair and I rather like it these days. How exciting — both Paris AND seeing your man after so long!

  2. must. have. that. hat! Oh man, I’ve totally dyed my hair orange before. I somehow thought that I could go from dark brown to blonde with one box of dye. Bad idea! I had my poor sister put the dye in my hair and then burst into tears and blamed her when my hair wasn’t blonde. She was a good sport.


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