windows wide open

It’s a perfectly lazy Saturday, and the trees, sunlight and breeze are all finding their way into my apartment at once. The place is finally clean, Paris excitement is in the air and Moseyman is coming home soon for a little while…

Morning sweets: Peanut butter & jam crepe, caramel waffles, raspberry-lemon iced tea

More morning sweets: my suspicious dog.


2 Responses to “windows wide open”

  1. Ho dear, what can I say, Paris won again! Of Corse it did, who or what can bit Pari’ where only the river is sane…
    I really hoped you’ll be coming to Israel soon, but Paris does sound great!
    I miss you, and for now I’m happy with catching up through your blog… (And I love seeing here your lovely suspicious dog!)
    love, Vered


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