bits of my… er… weekend

Flowers for my coffee table

flowers for my fire escape garden

I would show you more but it might include pictures of a kitchen I gave up in, a bath that hasn’t drained its dirty water since last night and a heart that misses moseyman. Not very pretty. I’ve worked on the bath clog but to no avail.Ā  I just hope my super can fix it tomorrow so I can bathe again soon. My heart and moods – I will have to try to fix them myself. Here’s one little face that’s keeping me all together though. I love her, she understands everything!


2 Comments to “bits of my… er… weekend”

  1. aw, such a cute little face šŸ™‚

  2. Aw! Bathtub clogs are the worst. I got back to my apartment to find a note from my roommate “I took a bath in your tub and can’t get the plug back out! Sorry!”


    Fortunately it was quickly fixed, which can’t be said for bad draining issues. Baking soda & a whole pot of boiling water worked temporarily for a kitchen sink draining problem for us. Your flowers are super pretty.

    Thanks for the comment of my old Egypt posts! I made the blog in order to keep friends & family in the loop when I took off for Egypt, and I eventually I started to get self-conscious about the personal content I was posting, raising possible issues of offending people and telling other people’s stories that they might want to keep private… and now, rereading it, I become self-conscious of my willingness to publicize my own insecurities, reflections (especially on culture and religion, such touchy topics). But I’m really glad I recorded all of those impressions, and even more so in my own personal journal. That state of being a cultural and linguistic infant in a very foreign culture, for all its fear and uncertainty, is somehow precious, as your senses are never more open, no?

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