online gulf relief market

I spent a large portion of my life growing up on the Gulf of Mexico, only 1 mile from the beach. Naturally, I (like most people) am devastated by BP’s oil disaster. I love that poppytalk is hosting an online Gulf relief market, where each participating vendor donates an item to be sold and proceeds go towards helping with relief in the Gulf. And to top it all off, the items on the market are brilliant! Here are just a few of my faves:

pink diamond ring - $85 birch beer boutique

wooden stool - $32 bellalulu vintage

metal basket - $38 bellalulu vintage

save our gulf tee - $22 letterhappy


One Comment to “online gulf relief market”

  1. Oh wow. Part of my extended family is from the Gulf area too so I’ve spent a lot of time there too, and the oil spill has been really upsetting. This is a good idea, I’ll check it out!

    And, I originally heard of the 7 Up series through this article:

    This longitudinal study sounds totally fascinating, thought you might be interested.

    Aw, thanks for posting a link to me on your blog! It’s so exciting to see new people are reading it!

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