life & the before picture

Since Moseyman left a couple of weeks ago to finish his film in the Middle East (Israel), I’ve been a bit mopey. Aside from sleeping a lot, having long strange conversations with the dog (at home and in public) and baking more than I ever have, I haven’t really “accomplished” anything. I have this beautiful apartment that I need to home-ify and I can’t seem to push myself out the door to get that done. I also need to find a new apartment to BUY! Well it’s now the end of my weekend (I work Sundays through Thursdays because I work for an Israeli company) and I have nothing to show for it. I’m officially creating a public agenda to pressure myself into completing a project. I’ll keep it light though:

1) find fabric to recover the couch with
2) buy fabric
3) buy pillow inserts and make colorful couch pillows

And now to really add the pressure, here’s my couch before pic. As you can see, it also needs re-foaming. We shipped this all the way from our place in Israel so I have no choice but to revive it!

couch BEFORE...


One Comment to “life & the before picture”

  1. You can do it! I have ridiculously ambitious home-improvement projects to do too. It’s suprisingly hard to just get it done!

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