workin safari

I plan to visit the Middle East in the next month or 2 and am already preparing myself for the intense dry heat there (although NYC is beastly hot right now so it’s not too hard to imagine). How about some travel safari looks to pack?

I love this zip up safari romper

zip-up jumsuit

& this baby safari necklace:

giraffe necklace


2 Comments to “workin safari”

  1. How exciting! I visited/ lived in the Middle East for awhile (hence the name of my blog) and have lots of opinions on what to wear there. It’s wicked hot, so you need light flowy layers and a water bottle. And probably it’s smart to cover up a bit more, depending on where you’re going.

  2. Hi, thanks for the long comment! Well how silly of me, you were there much longer than I was. And yes, in a place where it might be less important to play the super-modest game (although I’m not sure, I’ve never been). Anyway, thanks for coming to visit my blog, and oh yeah, have you read the blog et lille oejebilik ( She’s a Dane living in Israel, and has some beautiful photos of her life there, you might like it. Finally, hooray for 7Up, my favorite is Nick the physicist from Yorkshire!

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