for the guys…

While browsing around “guys” fashion today I saw a lot of puffy high tops, gadgets, and colorful watches, but not too much in between. A bit more searching though and I did manage to find a few things I liked. Have you noticed anything inspiring in the guy fashion world?

guy picks

clockwise: chambray tie, suspenders, pimsolls, holly frames, tie & hoodie look


3 Comments to “for the guys…”

  1. guys can have fashion, of course, I saw some guys carry bags, I think it is cool and thoughtful!

  2. mosey! you’re here now–it’s been a bit too long–a little late but welcome back!
    and i quite love the glasses (for me though)
    xo, bonbon

  3. Guy bags should come into fashion. It’s so easy to carry books, wallet etc. rather than giving in to pockets packed with stuff.

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