renegade craft fair – after the rain

I took a little lunch break from my Sunday morning work routine and trotted a whole 1 block over to the Renegade Craft Fair, which was set up all over Brooklyn’s McCarren Park. Noon time sunny skies filled the area, as did hundreds of fantastically styled craft booths. I did a quick lap around the field, became engrossed by all the creativity and completely forgot that I was a blogger. Ha! It was only later in the day, after the rain hit, that it hit me! Must. Post. Favorites. On. Blog!  … I went back …

renegade craft fair

Although the rain had scared quite a few tenters away, there were still a few incredible booths left. My top 3 Renegade faves were:

1) Les Enfants Sauvages – Specializing in perfectly printed, perfectly flattering dresses & skirts, Montreal designer, Marie-Christine Quenneville, had one of my favorite booths at the Renegade Craft Fair.

les enfants sauvages skirt

les enfants sauvages

les enfants sauvages booth

2) Death and Texas – Beautiful styling all around, DNTX (Death and Texas) displayed a well-curated table of canvas-made, leather-strapped pouches, bike bags and clutches.

death and texas

death and texas booth

3) Megan Lee Designs was a bustling booth of T’s for all. This was my favorite tee shirt of the day:

megan lee designs

Had a great time at the fair. Next weekend I’ll be visiting the big spring/summer sale at Fort Greene’s Brooklyn Flea. Will be checking out Mociun, Lena Corwin and more… and this time I’ll be blog ready.


3 Comments to “renegade craft fair – after the rain”

  1. Really like those Death and Texas bags! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the blue apple dress and the T shirt too.

  3. Thanks for the posting! We’re so glad you enjoyed the fair. Already excited for next year!!! Make sure to check our blog for a full re-cap:

    Be Well!
    -The Renegade Team

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