Being that Moseyman and I have been roadtripping around the USA for 2 weeks straight now, blogging has been a little less of a priority. Sorry. We experienced bucketfulls of butter in the south, mexican food for days in the southwest, healthy doses of whatever in Cali and now we’re heading north towards good ol Portland. Looking forward to testing out Design Sponge’s Portland guide! Not sure why I categorized our trip by food but ah well. It must be said that we’ve moved out of the middle east, dog and all. We’re hoping to magically find a Brooklyn apartment before arriving… Here’s a pic I took in Austin during SXSW. I’ll be posting more road trip pics soon…


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  1. On NE Alberta St (and 23rd) there’s a fantastic bakery called Back to Eden! Their Chai Cheesecake is delightful as is everything else I’ve ever tried. Down the street a ways (NE 30th?) is Dovetail Bakery, they make killer sticky buns!
    SE Stark and 12th there’s Sweetpea Baking Co and they make delicious Coconut Lime bars and their new sandwich offerings are so damn good!

  2. Ahh thank you. Will test these out!

  3. oh, you should also check out!

    and a couple extra favorites:
    DC Vegetarian food cart- on SW 3rd between Washington & Oak
    Killer vegan (or veggie) Cheese Steaks (large and only $5!)

    Tube- bar on NW 3rd (i think) between Burnside and Couch St.
    They just started a new brunch menu (pics of menu here:, but i go there for their great happy hour, which is until 10pm. Vegan Ham & Cheese sandwiches on english muffins. Mostly they’re just nostalgic, this is not high quality, amazing taste. They’re good, hot, and comforting. Paired with a strong $2 well drink…well, I end up eating 3 of them…

    and, Bye & Bye- NE Alberta at 10th
    This all vegan bar is my favorite bar around. the only bad thing i can say about it is that it doesn’t have french fries. but i didn’t notice that until i had gone a couple times. the cool kids like to hang out here and there’s eye candy as far as the eye can see. their drinks are amazing and a lot of times made with their own infused liquors. good southern-style food.

    ok, i will stop now. enjoy your time here!

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