(green) gifts under $50

If you’d like to shop consciously this holiday season, try Patagonia. This fantastic outdoor clothing company takes econciousness to the next level. Here are just a FEW of the programs they initiated or currently take part in (see more here):

Freedom to Roam: Currently Patagonia’s priority environmental campaign. Its goal is to create, restore and protect “wildways” or corridors between habitats so animals can survive

Conservacion Patagonica: A long-term effort by the company and its employees to create a new national park in (where else?) Patagonia, Chile

Common Threads: A garment recycling program where certain fabrics can be returned to the company for recycling

Organic Exchange: A non-profit organization committed to expanding organic agriculture, with a specific focus on increasing the production and use of organically grown fibers such as cotton.

Most of their garb is puffy jacket related for skiing and whatnot, but they actually have some sweet and colorfully cozy socks, long johns, tees (all made from either chlorine free wool or 100% organic cotton).

Here’s my Green Gifts under $50 Roundup:

Shopping: stripy socks, organic cotton Gaucho tee, organic & recyclable live simply tee, turquoise long johns,


2 Comments to “(green) gifts under $50”

  1. i was just listening to the bright eyes christmas album, eating warm apple french toast and reading your blog, and it started snowing on the page! how great. since i live in florida, that made me so happy! you have an adorable blog.

  2. how cute is that seal tee!?

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