a tribute to hilda

On Thursday morning I’ll be hopping on a flight to London. A four hour northern train ride later, I’ll be reunited with my family at home in Yorkshire. Once there, we will be commemorating the life of my amazing grandma Hilda. Not only was Hilda an influential peace activist (she attended the Peace Conference where Picasso stood up and sketched a dove and declared it would be the sign for peace), but during WWII she helped free German Jews from British Internment camps (meant for Nazi’s not Jews) in Australia, and housed several Jewish families at her home in England. I’m proud of my late, grandma Hilda and hope that I can do something worthy in my lifetime.

picasso dove


5 Comments to “a tribute to hilda”

  1. Hilda was definitely an amazing woman. She was so proud of you guys too.

  2. wow. Celebrate her life :] She’s an amazing woman.

  3. What a lovely tribute. I have retold the Picasso Peace Conference story time and again over the years. Thinking of you all – safe travels.

  4. what an amazing, inspiring woman. i hope being with your family to help celebrate her life makes saying good-bye a bit easier. big hugs to you.

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