sock shopping

Do you love socks and tights? When I was younger (but not too young, I’m afraid) my friends and I created a club of sorts called “sock shoppers.” My best friend though, was the true sock champion. While my socks were thrown into my old dresser drawers like used, dirty balls, she had designated about 3 large dresser drawers for her over-sized sock collection. Each pair was folded, color coded and filed like an important document. She had a style, color and pattern for every occasion and I rarely saw her wear the same pair of socks twice. Although Tsumori Chisato can make anything look important, these socks and tights brought bubbling forth, my old love for these simply worn accessories.

Picture 6

Picture 8

Picture 7


5 Comments to “sock shopping”

  1. adore the last pair! where can i get them?

  2. Ah, sorry. They’re from
    I just added the link!

  3. Loving all of your tights roundups!

  4. thanks! the white pair has been on my mind since i saw them but now that reality set in (so costly!), i think i’m ready to let go.

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