the shoe breakup

As some of you may have noticed, I’m an avid online shopper at Urban Outfitters. I post far too many items that I find there, including my recent shoe purchase, which I gleefully displayed few posts ago, the black cutout oxfords.

This new, special shoe brought me immense pleasure and felt like real love at first sight, but all feelings for them soon quickly evolved into a destructive love-hate relationship.

What happened was my cutout oxfords collapsed and tore up everywhere after just one wear, and only became worse. After just 5 wears I could no longer frolic around town comfortably in them.

I sent an email to complaints department at Urban Outfitters a few days ago, explaining my dilemma and requesting a solution. I didn’t expect much from their customer support so I was happily surprised when an email came my way from a Miss Julie Barna offering not only her sincere apologies but also a gift card in the amount of the cost of the oxfords.

Lesson to be learned: Stop bitching and do something about it. When you buy a product you’re not happy with, write a letter and you shall most likely be compensated for your misery, and in my case earn a mini shopping spree out of it!

Has anyone else ever complained about something they bought and were compensated for it?


One Comment to “the shoe breakup”

  1. when i was a young girl, i loved pat’s ho-made bbq sauce. one year we kept getting bottles that tasted not as good. i sat down and wrote them about how much i love pat’s and how sad i was that they had changed and that i was going to need to find a new bbq sauce.
    they wrote me back the nicest letter about how they had a few burnt batches that went out and sent me a giant bottle of pat’s along with it!
    i still use that same brand now!

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