a declaration of purple and black

Inspired by Sonia Rykiel’s S/S 09 collection, I’ve been dousing my summer wardrobe with bits of purple and black. I think I can officially declare that it’s my new favorite color combination. Do you have a favorite color combo of the moment? Or am I just crazy?

purple&blackstripey silk rugby tee, frill mini skirt, ’80s round face watch, deena & ozzy doorknocker mini bag, bensimon sneaks


3 Comments to “a declaration of purple and black”

  1. It’s a little funny but i used to wear this black and white striped tee with purple pants all the time and one day my friend said to me, hey you look like Hamburglar and Grimace combined! (They’re characters from McDonald’s, Ronald’s comrades).

    I still laugh when i think about it hahaha. Purple + black is a wonderful combination tho. I’m digging purple and red right now.

  2. You’re so not crazy 🙂 I love purple with gray, but that’s just to0 wintery and no fun at the moment. I guess I will always love black and white, but you know me… it’s just me.

  3. i just designed a collection of all peach + turquoise dresses… i LOVE wearing those colors together in my everyday wardrobe, too! they’re almost clashing but go together!

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