ready to work

Although work attire is simple and relaxed here in the Middle East, I remember back in my NYC days, it was an entirely different story. I at first ran around to job interviews wearing my sister’s black, Jcrew, pant suit. Then later after scoring a job, I had to keep up with my stylish workmates who shopped waaaay more than I did. Of course, work dress code depends a lot on which field you work in and what position you might hold, but overall, New Yorkers are known (amongst a billion other things) for their fabulous work getups.

These days, I not only work in the high tech industry, which is notorious for it’s relaxed work attire, but I work in a country that doesn’t enforce any kind of work dress code. (or any kind of code code period.) It’s such a breeze! You wake up, shower or not shower and throw on a pair of dog haired jeans and a crumpled up top you grabbed from the dirty laundry. Who cares?

Well, sometimes I do. I can miss those L train fashion packed commutes, rallying uptown in the morning then back out to Billyburg in the evening, peering over at a girl’s skirt impatiently swishing around while waiting on the platform, or a boy’s sneakers planted directly below my subway seat gaze. Each day was truly a full day of fashion inspiration.

In my work wear daydream today, I picked out some work pieces that I could wear just about anywhere. Shopping on: opening ceremony, urban, anthropologie and shopbird.

~ ready to work ~

~ ready to work ~


2 Comments to “ready to work”

  1. love the gladiator oxford …………..

  2. So I guess you need to start accumulating a good work wardrobe for when you come back!

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