cut. it. out.

My friend in the States asked me if I would write a post covering hairstyles. Both she and I are getting a bit tired of our current looks and have been thinking about making the chop. I, myself, will most likely take it up around my chin, leaving my bangs as is. But, I will only allow my Brooklyn hairstylist at Skinnydip to do this to me, and since I’m not there yet my hair will have to wait. In the mean time, here are the hair cuts/colors/styles that I prefer. What’s your hairstyle at the moment and what do you think you’ll do next with it?

long brown and bangy, short bangy bobs, pixies, long bangy blonde

long brown and bangy, short bangy bobs, pixies, long blonde bangy


5 Comments to “cut. it. out.”

  1. Yes, we were thinking the same thing today! My only word of advice – I have been growing my hair out from a short pixie since last summer and it has been torture!!!

    P.S. Adding you to my link list

  2. i’ve been growing out some weird, botched hipster asymmetrical cut for over a year now. i finally got to the point where my hair is all one length (except for one lock i left long :]) with side-swept bangs. i guess it’s the popular ‘suri cruise’ cut, although all i’m trying to do is grow it out! i haven’t had long feminine hair since i was a little kid!

  3. Thanks for the post, it is just what I was looking for.
    I like Katie’s style, but I could never pull that off. Maybe I will go with the long brown bangy. Hmmm. Sounds a lot like what I already have.

  4. OK so now (after reading your post and getting out the scissors tonight) I am long blonde and bangy. I think the bangs go better with brown hair. Now I’ll have to get out the hair dye 😉

  5. i first saw Michelle Wiliams as an extra on the movie Species and i like her already at her very young age ~

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