from vita to vida in 60 days

About 2 months back, I was gushing over some dolce vita shoes. Well, the same day I posted about them, I also ordered them online. Unfortunately I ended up not being able to get the color I wanted: black, and had to cancel my order. I was really quite bothered about it and searched all over the net for a black pair, but they were no where to be found. A week or so ago, on, I found a very similar pair made by a very similarly named company, “Vida,” and although these are more like cutout oxfords, I decided yesterday, that I would give ’em a go. I don’t think they’re quite as perfect as the dolce vita pair but I do think they’ll fill that gaping hole for black summer shoes.

<---- vita            |            vida ---->

<---- vita | vida ---->


One Comment to “from vita to vida in 60 days”

  1. i wanted these too and they were sold out!

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