the one piece wonder

The last time I wore a one piece bathing suit, I was still calling it a swimming costume. I was 9 or 10 and also still had my English accent. Each summer, after my family relocated to Florida, my mum would take us all swimming costume shopping, and let us pick out not just 1, but 2 suits, that would last us throughout the summer heat, the chlorinated pools, the salty gulf and the neighbor’s slip and slide. I remember feeling very proud of one suit in particular… it was a bright little number decorated with different pieces of colorful fruit (grapes, oranges, etc). Even with my pale English skin, this suit managed to make me feel very tropical and… American! Lately, one piece swimsuits seem to be all over beach fashion and I’m willing to give it a go with something bright and colorful once again, after all these years. I love Insight’s ‘wonderland’ suit below. What about you? Will you be sporting the one piece this summer? Do you remember your favorite swimsuit as a kid?

Shopping: American Apparel, Topshop, Delias, Urban, Modcloth, 80sPurple, Creatures of Comfort


3 Comments to “the one piece wonder”

  1. some of those are great! i still rock the bikini though, after losing 30 pounds its only fair!

    my favorite is the delia’s one, actually.

  2. Hey Mosey!

    Thank you so much for featuring our swimsuit in your blog! 🙂 We really appreciate it!


  3. i have a neon pink insight bikini that i prefer to wear, but i also have a black one-piece that’s infinitely flattering! i save it for when i’m feeling fatty or need to be a bit more demure (around family, etc). i love some of these you posted! esp the insight, creatures of comfort and topshop ones!! ♥

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