summer sewin

I went through a sewing phase last month and made a few summer pieces for myself. I still don’t have a new digi camera and only just used moseyman’s old camera phone so I apologize for the extremely crappy pics. The first getup is a romper I sewed together using way too many scraps of an old psychedelic thrift dress. This was definitely an experiment and I may try it again knowing what I know now. The next is my yellow “fin shirt.” I knew I wanted something light with an awesome exposed zipper so I found this cute, yellow, bargain bin fabric at the market and bought a contrasting peachy-pink zipper with brass teeth from an old, dusty notions vendor. I only decided to sew “fins” (vague ruffles) along the side seams after I had already sewn the thing together. Seam ripping was worth it though, it’s a fun one to wear. The green dress was actually the first one I made from this group. I was craving something new, bright and easy to throw on at the time. This was a quickie but I like it. The last top is a bit of a mess. It looked cool at first finish with the “epaulets” but it’s not surviving washes very well because I’m too lazy to finish the inside guts. Anyway, as a whole, I’m fairly pleased with my new mini collection for myself and will probably continue to experiment a little more with zippers and whatnot.


phychadelic romper


fin shirt


stripey shift

epaulet top

epaulet top

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7 Comments to “summer sewin”

  1. I love it. The green dress is my fav. How do I get one?

  2. I love that top in the last photo! I wish my sewing skills were advanced enough for making clothes, right now I stick to making cushion covers! 🙂

  3. You are seriously talented! woww

  4. love the straight cap sleeves on romper….your designs have shape & style….

  5. I think the romper is my fav!

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