today’s inspiration

One thing I’ve never been very good at, is accessorizing. I have always taken the “chic and simplistic” approach to my dressing style, or at least that’s what I told myself. I think that may have been an excuse for just not really knowing what to do. I recently came into possession of about 5 new belts given to me by my mother-in-law. That may sound like a bad thing, but she actually has really fantastic style and she buys the majority of her wardrobe while traveling in Paris and other exotic locations. So now… with these new strange options, at least once a week, I find myself in mid-outfit assemblance, trying on the same 5 belts. Will this one work? How about this one? Hmm, maybe this one? Moseyman sees me from the other room and gives me the “?” look. To get to my point… I just decided this minute, that it doesn’t really matter. I saw a picture today on Pixiemarket that will forever (or at least for the next week or so) be my inspiration for accessory disfunction disjunction. To put it simply, I like this girl’s look. I like the weird, pouch purse. I like the tough, red, wrist cuff and the pretty little belt. I love the dress and the braided hair. It’s not perfect and that’s why it’s perfect.




One Comment to “today’s inspiration”

  1. she’s adorable. my favorite is the belt. or the wrist cuff. and i love her braided hair.

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