revenge of the nerds

Finally! You’re not cool unless you’re a nerd. If you or your older sibling wore glasses in the 80’s and were called names like 4-eyes, it’s time to dig up those hot frames and take revenge. 80’s readers are all that are acceptable right now. I haven’t made the leap into the biggies because I basically never wear my glasses, but some of these sizzlers might persuade me otherwise.

Shopping at Modcloth and Urban Outfitters.

PS – Do you wear glasses? If so would you or have you switched to the biggies?


One Comment to “revenge of the nerds”

  1. these are so cool! i really love the translucent neon ones! too bad they look terrible on me… as much as i love them they look quite ridiculous on almost everyone! i’ll just stick to my normal glasses i guess..

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