dyeing for spring

Traditional Eastern tie dye prints are bogarting spring fashion right now and I’m loving it! Batik, ikat and all that! With the economy in its desperate state, it’s nice to know that a substantial part of fashion is reverting to traditional, yet beautiful, rich printing and weaving ideas (with a modernized twist of course), as opposed to cheap disposable crap. Ironically, ikats are often symbols of status, wealth and prestige. But oh, what a beautiful craft! These dyeing techniques are performed in many different parts of the world and apparently require a lot of skill and patience. From India and South-East Asia, to Europe and South America, this tradition has a long, rich past. From Net-A-Porter to Modcloth, this tradition ensures a beautiful spring ahead of us!

Phillip Lim jumpsuit $525 net-a-porter ~ Eskell shorts $102 le train blue ~ Geo tee $24 urban outfitters ~ Epice scarf $195 bird ~ Antik Batik $315 bird ~ Ikat pillow $125 sheherazade ~ Kneesocks $40 farfetch ~ Ikat clutch $125 sheherazade ~ Seneca romper $99 pixiemarket ~ Phillip Lim skirt $325 net-a-porter ~ United bangle $11 modcloth ~ Tibi dress $330 net-a-porter ~ Rojas skirt $104 80’s purple ~ India skirt $39 modcloth ~ Saplala dress $268 le train bleu.


2 Comments to “dyeing for spring”

  1. So many handsome pieces to covet…

  2. Brilliant post – I love this Hungarian beatnik style of emboirdery (and now dyeing), but didn’t realise the trend was SO big at the moment.

    I’m not sure which side I’m on with the current economic state – play it safe and re-visit old ideas, or push the boat out and try something new. Both work well, but my heart says it’s time to be brave push the boundaires. As both a consumer and a designer, I know that I need something to take my mind off my bank balance and cheer me up a bit!

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