paper or paint?

I almost always had colorful walls growing up (home: burgundy wine, college: an unfinished wall of eggplant, Brooklyn: pale gray blue). But now, day in, day out, I have to stare at off-white every where I turn. Poor me! Although my living situation is rented and temporary, I’ve been thinking of painting at least one of the bedroom walls. But today I found some amazing wallpaper on rare device! They all cost around $100 for a 32′ roll. Price aside, would you choose paint or paper?


pieces by julia rothman


amaze by julia rothman


treet by julia rothman


amaze2 by julia rothman


family tree by ferm living


fairy flower by ferm living


tree bomb by ferm living


saplings by missprint

My faves are the first wallpaper pattern (pieces) and the last one (saplings). Doesn’t the first one completely remind you of the amazing Fox in Mociun Dolman print?! I can imaging wearing the dress, while carrying the tote bag, standing in a room filled with that wallpaper! heh…


2 Comments to “paper or paint?”

  1. money aside i would totally go w/wallpaper! its like affordable art.

  2. I like both, we have a few wallpapered walls in our home, most walls are painted. I would go crazy if every room was wallpapered, that would be too much pattern for me, but for one or two rooms it’s perfect. I think that the next time we renovate I’ll want to wallpaper all the walls in one room, now we have only wallpapered one wall in a room.

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