FIELD TRIP PICKS ~ let me take you down

Today was field trip day again. We ended up driving to a nearby forest for our city escape, but as it turned out, everyone else seemed to have the same idea. It was so saturated with families and kids and loud cheesy music, that we found ourselves escaping from our escape.  Just as we thought our getaway had been ruined, we fell upon an amazing strawberry field. The sweet smell was so intense and the rows of red sprouting berries were so deeply red, it was all I could do to not stop and gorge myself. I could imagine a perfect strawberry picking date for that spot. So… I present you with my affordable strawberry-picking-date inspired, field trip picks. Hope you like!

strawberry-fieldsTo shop these looks go to: topshop, 80spurple, UO

*TIP on Topshop – Their shipping flat fee is usually $15 (!) but right now, they’re offering free shipping (on any amount you spend) until April 9.


One Comment to “FIELD TRIP PICKS ~ let me take you down”

  1. i love that topshop dress, was tempted to buy it when i was in there the other day.

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