baby wardrobe essentials

As a tribute to my amazing sister, who is currently in labor on the other side of the world, not even knowing whether a boy or a girl will pop out, I dedicate this post to baby fashion. One company, of which I always thought had the most amazing kid’s clothes, is Oilily. Back when I was a true color fiend, I would revel in their bright furry kid’s jackets and strange ear-flapped hats. Created in the 60’s, Oilily’s fearless use of color and mixed patterns, paired with an artistic-bohemian aura, makes for a perfect statement to dress your baby in. Poops and spit-ups couldn’t even make an Oilily baby dress look bad. My only complaint is that their badly built flash site causes intense navigation frustration. A site which is much easier to navigate through though, and holds Oilily garb as well as many other original baby collections (such as City Threads, Mini Fine and Kids Ink) is Tuttibella. If I could afford to buy all this sweetness for my sister’s new bundle, this is the baby wardrobe I would create:

All these pieces can be found at Tuttibella.

UPDATE: It’s a girl 🙂


One Comment to “baby wardrobe essentials”

  1. congratulations to your sister!
    I just felt in love with Unfortunately it’s also quit expensive, but I got a cute outfit on sale :).

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