something searched something learned

When I found out that moseyman and I would have two weddings, one itsy bitsy affair in paradisial Cyprus, and one family & friends party in the Florida wild, all I could think about was what dress I would wear. I know there is nothing original about that thought but one thing I was very bride-like adamant about was that I would NOT be wearing white. I ran around telling everyone that ‘It’s my wedding, so I will wear color!’ I scoured the internet for months and months until I came across this elegant strapless pleated bubble dress by BCBG Maxazria, which I wore with silver and off-white criss-cross patterned Pierre Hardy heels (oh, I guess that means I do own a pair of heels). Turns out, the dress I ended up choosing was accidentally white. Oops. After marrying in white Cyprus, the hunt began all over again for a “COLOR ONLY!” dress that I could wear to my “COLORFUL!” picnic wedding party in December. But, I ended up with a silver dress, which I wore again with my silver and white heels. I guess Marc Jacobs makes silver somehow seem colorful? Anyway, after over 6 months of scouring online shopping sites, I created a dramatic bookmark list that I spent time later, organizing to a T.  This search taught me a lot about designers, their staples and myself. Here’s what I ended up in.


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