hot cross bags

So, to expand on my European summer get-up fantasy, I’m digging the cross body bags. I know the big totes and shoulder bags can look chic and carry everything you’ll ever need, but isn’t that big haul look getting old? Isn’t it time to go small? Since I am a little petite myself, I’ve been looking for an excuse to shrink my bag load. The cross body purse seems like the new way to go. Now for the hard part… to find the perfect bag. I’m contemplating making my own. Here’s one (again from Urban Outfitters) that looks pretty and tough at the same time. But it’s not perfect for me. I have problems with it.



4 Responses to “hot cross bags”

  1. What were your problems with the Urban Outfitters bag? How would you make it better?

    • Well, generally, I don’t like to wear any unnecessary leather, although this bag is made out of recycled old leather jackets so it somewhat redeems itself there. I guess I want it to look a bit more interesting. I would add color somewhere (even if it’s in the lining). I would also maybe add a couple more secret pockets inside.


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